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Back to School Sales and Must Haves for Your Sensory Kid

The leaves are turning.  There is a chill in the air.  The clothes are all picked out and their backpacks are crammed with pencils and fresh white paper.  The excitement surrounding the new school year is palpable.  
But for some of our sensory and spectrum kids it is a very anxious time.  They don't know what to expect.  They don't know what will be different this year and what will be the same.  Your son may be thinking about that awful sound made by the fluorescent lights in Room 32.  Your daughter may be worrying about how she got in trouble last year for needing to tap her fingers to think.  Your child may be thinking about how embarrassing it was to be moved to the front of the class because he kept leaning in his chair.  Your little girl could be dreading how hard mornings will be following her many restless nights.
For the families going into this year knowing their children may need a little help, I've put together a list of back to school sensory deals and produc…

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