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Reflecting on Aggression; Embracing Hope

It's been awhile since I have written anything of substance.  The truth is things are going pretty well in our little autism world and when things are going well I'm usually pretty quiet.  I have given some thought to this over the last few days.  Why is this?  Initially, I thought maybe I just don't want to jinx it.  But I don't think that's all of it.

The truth is when I share progress or happy posts I can almost feel half of you stop reading and closing your laptops.  I can almost feel the mama with the little one on the other side of the country tearing up that her son isn't there yet.  I can almost feel the resentment of the mom with the adult nonverbal, aggressive daughter because her daughter may never get there.  I can feel the anger of the dad who would love to applaud my son's progress but is so frustrated after years of trying to access services that he can't be happy for us.

And all of those feelings are legitimate.  I have been on the other e…

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