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Someday, I Won't Have to Write About Autism Anymore

Today, sweet boy, was a good day.  There were very few meltdowns.  There were a lot of snuggles.  You used your words to communicate your needs and frustrations.  You played with your sister nicely and compromised when needed.  And we had a great outing that left you smiling from ear to ear.
You had a moment of excitement at seeing an unexpected favorite thing while we were out and about.  You flapped.  You jumped up and down, yelled with delight and ran towards it.  You only saw the exhibit.  Not the people around it.  You didn't see the mother shield her daughter when she thought you got too close (you weren't too close).  You didn't see her smile turn into a disapproving frown when your voice was a bit too loud for indoors.  You didn't see her eyebrows furrow with a perplexed look when you kept saying the same phrase over and over.  You didn't notice how quickly they moved on to the next exhibit or the ones they skipped to get away from us more quickly.
I saw i…

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