Monday, July 9, 2018

Like Mine

We met at a park
I wondered right away
But I knew for sure over time 
Your boy’s a lot like mine

I saw his explosive moments 
And the look of defeat in your eyes
I wanted to tell you 
Because I’m not sure you know

I saw his tears over the wrong color cup
I saw the panic in your eyes 
I wanted to say I’ve been there 
But I don’t know if you know

As kids around him play he lines up his toys
You play it off and laugh
I want to ask the question
But I’m not sure you want to know

Your boy talks in sentences
Your boy does okay in school 
So I’m not sure you see

I see how you look at mine
Because your boy doesn’t flap and rock
He doesn’t chew holes in his shirts
Your boy doesn’t say the same word over and over
Or need headphones to get through the day

After seeing your reaction to my boy today
It became clear to me 
You don’t want your boy to be

A lot like mine

I want to tell you a story...

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